Blog post “Muddie week”. Day 5.

Blog post “Muddie week”. Day 5.


Today was the last day of the course. After an intensive week of working together as a group to come up with the best solution possible for our question, how to implement AED in Latvia, we made it. During the presentation our customer State Emergency Medical Service was there to see what we had done and what our suggestions would be. We all felt that the presentation went well and we are happy with the end result of the whole week.



Our projects came to an end and we got to hear all of the great presentations and the solutions the groups came up with. This week was an intense and motivational way to implement learning by developing. Team work between several professions is obviously a new megatrend and we feel like the pioneers and the ones who will use it in our future works. Without saying it’s obvious that due to lack of time and resources the results can’t be implemented or evaluated but we hope that it’s a start for the companies to add value to their existing services. Team working was challenging at times, but mostly giving. This was an awesome learning process and we feel we grew much and have acquired new set skills which are valuable in the future where virtual reality and e-health are going to be internationally applied. We are thankful for this amazing opportunity and hope to be a part of the growing e-health community.


Gashaw Bibani, Sports and healthpromotion (Arcada UAS)

Minna Nikola, Safety- security and risk management (Laurea UAS)

Ragne Ôitspuu, Nursing (Tartu Health Care College)

Daniel Barber, IT (Laurea UAS)

RIDES team

We started our day with finalising our presentations. We listened to other groups. All of them gave good solutions and the winners were really deserving. We learned a lot about ourselves by the teamwork and we hope to do better in the future.

The muddie week as a whole was very informative and we got to learn how to creatively think and how to see the solutions from differrent point of view.

CO-MIND team

Our final day working as a team for Muddie 2019 started with the finalization of our presentation. This mostly consisted of Sampo and Eva checking to ensure our demo web application was working correctly and Kaidi and Derek practicing the PowerPoint. We made a few additions to the PowerPoint also to include the more business objectives for the client. The information flow of the innovation was our last focus and needed some attention.

Our presentation was held quite early in the morning. Everything went smooth and was presented by Derek and Sampo. Derek focused on the story of the presentation and business model, while Sampo gave a break down and demonstration of the product. We were delighted the voice input for the web application worked as intended and had great feedback from the judges and audience.

The remainder of our final day was spent observing all the great innovations presented by the other teams and concluded with some analysis of our team’s performance and a short evaluation. Overall, we felt our team worked excellently together and all members participated throughout the week.

SPĒKS team

Presentation day was exiting and important for our team. We could finally see solutions for different challenges and learn from others multiprofessional teams. There were no similar projects or ideas, and every student has brought something useful and fresh in health care.

We did evaluation of group work and have found a lot of things which we have learned from each others. They concern not only attitudes to project work but personal skills and traits. For every member of our team Muddie week was a great experience and stimulus to proceed with self development in professional and multiprofessional environment.

Intensive week is not just a word, but hard work that requires maximum concentration and creativity, being open-mind and productive while working with new information. We are going to use in future studies and working environment design thinking methods and other tools which we have tried in Riga. Important thing during in tensive study week was constant presence of coaches. They had been inspiring, directing and supporting us before, during and after trip. Due to time limitation we have been feeling stress sometimes, but that gave us understanding how usually development of projects happens in real life. Our Muddie week-team included nursing students, social services student and business student. We are all happy and inspired after such great and really educative programm. Indeed, we would like to say one more time how we appreciate organizators' work and warm welcome.

BR and many thanks,

SPEKS team