NordPlus success story

Carina Løngborg Humle

"Overall the experience in Riga, Latvia has been very good! It has been nice to see how the healthcare system works in another country. There are so many things we do different back home in Denmark.

Some of the most important learning experiences, that I will bring into my future role as a nurse, are connected with medicine and the relation with the children. The experiences and knowledge we have gained in Riga, are at many points really different, so it really gave me a lot in contradistinction to what we have learned in Denmark.

It has been a nice trip, I returned back home with lots of positive memories and new experience."

2nd year nursing student from Denmark

Nadja Sparsø

Nordic Baltic Nursing Network

Joint writing on students’ and clinical supervisors’ experience of student exchange

Questions for students

What is your overall experience of the exchange period?

"My overall experience was very good. The internal coordinator received me at the airport and followed me to the client center to get my student transportation card. She made sure that I got all the information necessary for the stay and furthermore she met me at the hospital Monday morning, to ensure that I went the right place. Also the staff at the hospital was very kind and professional. They did what they could to show me as much as possible at the time I was there, and let me try different kind of things, including an excursion to the operation department. So overall it was a very good and learning experience. And then I was very surprised by the city of Riga. It was very beautiful and there were many things for me to see as a “tourist”. Definitely not the last time I’ve been there!"

Could you please express some of the most important learning experiences that you will bring into your future role as a nurse?

"I was very impressed by the high quality of patient security. This is one of my highest values as a further nurse. Nothing is more important than the patients and their security through hospitalization, and I was very happy about the work. Everyone did a very good job and made sure that every patient felt as good as possible considering the circumstances. Also, at the operation department, the staff was very professional and showed their authority, which is very important in my opinion, so that the kids and their parents are feeling safe during an emotional period."

What are your reflections in relation to your homecoming?

"I am very positive about the stay in Riga, and it made me more comfortable about going on an exchange again. Also I learned that, even if you don’t speak the same language, it is possible to work together, and that you can learn a lot one from another when you’re from different countries. I could really see myself working across countries, I think it’s a really good opportunity to strength communication competencies and to learn about the system of healthcare in other countries."

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