Ināra Upmale

Ilze Kozinda

The Chairmen of the Council


Linda Venskus

Deputy Director of Administrative and Development Issues/ Personnel Manager

+371 6727 5149

Sanita Litiņa

Deputy Director of the Academic and Research Work

+371 6727 5149

Study Department

Una Veseta

Director of the "Therapeutic Massage" Study Programme

+371 6727 3154

Artūrs Praškilēvics

Director of the "Pharmaceuticals" Study Programme

+371 6727 3154

Vocational Education Department

Ilze Gaile

Head of the Vocational Education Department

+371 6727 3154

Egita Krankale

Secretary of the Vocational Education Department

+371 6727 1435

Department of Methodology

Department of Continuing Education

Iveta Dambe

Head of Department of Continuing Education

+371 26559109

Zane Tauriņa

Educational Project Manager

+371 29124761