First VET mobility for Dentistry students

First VET mobility for Dentistry students

At the end of May 2022 RCMC RSU had their first trip in a VET mobility organized by a Tallinn dental clinic STOMATOLOOGIA+. The project had been long planned, and the first trip was a major success.

7 College students alongside the Head of Vocational Education Department Ilze Gaile and International Project coordinator Anna Darafeja arrived in Tallinn where they were met by representatives of STOMATOLOOGIA+ dental clinic and training center. The mobility
combined both dental studies theory and practice, and learning about another country’s healthcare and culture.

The main goal of this mobility was to introduce RCMC RSU students to intraoral dental 3D scanners and their advantages in working with dental patients. The students received an extensive lecture delivered by experts from Estonia and Lithuania about intraoral scanners, their use and maintenance and comparison of different brands of scanners. After the lecture, the students had a practice session, where they were able to work with the scanner in a real dental room under the experts’ supervision, applying their new knowledge. The students also learnt a lot about Estonia’s healthcare system and its digitalization, and compared it to the healthcare system in Latvia.

Brought together by international effort of the three Baltic states, the project is set to continue. Several more trips are planned, so that different groups of students get an opportunity to gain new knowledge, exchange experience and learn from experts and colleagues from the neighboring countries.

"I am very excited about this project and the fact that it is set for long-term cooperation. STOMATOLOOGIA+ is not only a high quality dental clinic, but also a fantastic training center that delivers the most up-to-date information in several languages. Besides, this project is so much more than just knowledge: we did not just visit our professional partners, we made friendship that is going to last." – Anna Darafeja

"This trip has left a lasting impression. We not only received exclusive professional information from our colleagues, we also genuinely enjoyed our time. Representatives of STOMATOLOOGIA+ took full care of us, introduced us to Estonian culture and history. I was very happy to see that students benefited from this trip and gained a lot of knowledge they can apply at their future workplaces." – Ilze Gaile

"I’ve received so many positive emotions. I gained knowledge and practical skills about using an intraoral dental scanner, which will only make me a more competitive dental assistant. There was modern equipment, professional lecturers, good weather, walks around the old city of Tallinn with the classmates and amazing food. What else to wish for!" – RCMC RSU student