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What is a cookie?

Cookie is a small text file sent on your computer or mobile phone when you are visiting a website. Cookies are saved on your computer or mobile phone, when you open a website.

During your every next visit cookies will be sent back to its origin website or any other website that recognizes this specific cookie.

Cookies work as a concrete website memory that allows this page to remember your computer the next times you are visiting it, inter alia cookies can remember your settings or improve user comfort.

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Google Analytics cookies

This website uses “Google Analytics” tool (program created by “Google Inc.”) cookies. The aim of “Google Analytics” cookie usage is Data State Inspectorate website content quality improvement and content customization for user needs. To get more information about “Google Analytics” service terms visit If you do not wish College to get information about your activities on College website, you have to activate Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on ( This add-on contacts Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) in order to indicate that data for the corresponding visit of the website should not be sent to “Google Analytics”.

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This website uses Google AdWords remarketing service that will place an ad on third-party sites (including Google) for our previous visitors. You can manage Google advertisement settings by using Google Ad Preferences page and if you wish, you can reject cookie used interest-based ads by using opt out of interest-based ads page (reject interest-based ads) -

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How to block cookies?

Most of popular browsers provide user an opportunity to reject cookies at all or only from a certain website. All recent versions of popular browsers give users an opportunity to change cookies settings. These settings can usually be found at Options or Preferences menu.